The Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar. The best cat tracker on the market.

The Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar: just for cats

Pawtrack has been tracking cats, and cats only for over 10 years. Cats come and go as they please and as owners we just hope that they know what they are doing and they get home safely.

The Pawtrack GPS cat collar does more than help find a lost cat, it helps you build up a picture of what your cat gets up to, at any time of the day.

It's not just for emergencies, we unlock the secret of where your cat goes when you are asleep, or at work, or at any point it is not safely tucked up at home.

The Collar

The collar itself uses GPS, is wifi enabled and will work across 2g and LTEM networks across the world. It has a safety clip in case your cat gets into difficulty.

We have designed our own flexi GPS antenna to track your cat and offer the best connectivity. We are the only tracker to place the GPS antenna on the back of the neck.

The Pawtrack collar takes a positions on demand, and also every 6 minutes whilst your cat is out and about. This information is then stored on the collar and uploaded automatically at regular intervals where it can be viewed either on an app or online through your account

Know when they’re home (and when they go!)

The Pawtrack collar has on board wifi, allowing the collar to detect when your cat is at home and when it has left. You will receive a notification as it comes and goes, and the unit will send all stored data up to our server, and send you a notification. It will also shut down the collar to help conserve battery.

As we make more and more improvements to the collar, the on board firmware can be remotely updated to make sure that you always have the best product on your cat.

Share with friends and family

The Pawtrack system can be used to track multiple cats with collars. You can also let as many people as you like access the tracking information, meaning that family, friends, cat sitters and any cat lovers can have access to tracking data.

You are in charge of giving people access, and stopping this access if it is no longer required.

The app will work across all Android and iPhones.

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Try it, love it, or return it

14 day return & 12 month guarantee

Each cat has their own preferences, so if you try the collar and it doesn’t work for your feline you can return it to us for a full refund. You have 14 days to return the collar for your subscription to be cancelled. If your cat tracking collar fails within the 12 months, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Collar & App

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Battery life

2 hours to fully charge, the battery lasts 2 days, Battery saving features

Packed with technology

GPS, GLONASS, Galliteo, Wi-Fi and beacon tracking we have developed the world’s most accurate cat tracker

Suitable for most cats

Adjustable size & light weight means that your cat will love this collar as much as you


Cats are not renowned for their love of water so our collar is fine for most day to day cat activities!

See activity history

See patterns in your cat’s movement

Know when your cat is safe

Know when your cat is at home or outside the Geofence