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Cat Tracking in Action

This is a quick snap shot of a cat being tracked in Italy earlier today. The collar takes a position every ten minutes (as well as on demand), and when he finally returns home the collar recognises the home wifi and shuts down to conserve battery (plus it lets you know your cat is safely…

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Our first tracked cat…

Back in July, we put the collar on Harvey, based in Devon in the UK. It now turns out that he has been sneaking into a neighbour’s house between the hours of 12 midnight and 2am most evenings and stealing food. We now have proof Harvey!

Finally Launched

We have just about got all our Kickstarter collars out now. Apologies for the wait. The launch has gone pretty well. We think this collar is best suited to cats over 4kg/ 9lb with a neck size of about 22cm+/ 9 inches. We are now tracking cats in the USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France,…

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