09th February 2018 News

The 2018 Cat Name Survey: More Gandalf than Yoda.

Here at Pawtrack we have 9500 registered cats with us. So we decided to analyse the names of our beloved 4 legged friends. Not that we were bored or anything.

Globally the most popular name was… Charlie. Now this is the odd thing, there was only one Charles out of the whole of the database, yet we have over 60 Charlies. And the vast majority of these were outside of the USA.


Talking of regal names we also boasted 4 members of the Feline Nobility:

Lord Duster Flashheart
Lord Fluffington Iii
Lord Perceval
Lord Rodgiuez Fuzzyboots Iii

In the USA the clear favorite was Kitty, followed by Lucy then Max.
The top 3 names were:



Globally USA & Canada UK &     Eire Aus & NZ
#1 Charlie Kitty Charlie Coco
#2 Kitty Lucy Oscar Oscar
#3 Oscar Max Alfie Tiger

Which brings us nicely onto…

Lord of the Rings Vs Star Wars

From a film perspective Lord of the Rings was way more popular than Star Wars. We had 12 Gandalfs and a Frodo Vs just one of each of Leia, Ewok, Vader (presumably no breathing issues) and one Luke. However we did have one Obi Wan Catnobi.

The Force is not strong in the Feline World.

Taking of films, we thought we would share our staff favourites of Leonardo Dicatrio.

We will do some more analysis, but I think we better get back to work now…