26th February 2019 News

Jamie, Pawtrack and a Drain.

This is Emma, talking about her cat Jamie:

I first purchased your collar for him two years ago after he went missing and returned a month later, skinny, injured, and dirty. I was an emotional wreck the whole time he was gone, so the day he returned we bought this collar for him. It has given us peace of mind to be able to locate him whenever we want and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. We have seen that he travels quite far during the day (much further than the 5 house radius they say cats go). But he always goes in the same direction and spends time in the same areas.

One night Jamie failed to come home one night at dinner time (which never happens). I tracked his location at 9pm, but after that, it would not connect or refresh. By noon the following day, I was very concerned. It was pouring rain and very cold so I left work in the middle of the day to go home and search for him. I figured if there was no signal to the collar, he must have gotten himself locked in someone’s garage or shed or something. Finally we arrived at the house where his last known location was. The man said he hadn’t seen him but I asked if I could check his backyard just in case. I checked his garage, gardening shed, and tree house- no Jamie. So I walked up the hill behind his house into the canyon, calling for Jamie. Through the rain, I heard a faint meowing. I followed the sound off the path, into the brush and there, through a pile of rocks, beneath a steel grate, I saw Jamie looking up in panic. He was soaking wet and standing in an inch of water. He had somehow gotten into the storm drain and was now trapped. With help from my sister and our neighbor, we moved all the landscaping rocks off of the grate and lifted it up. Jamie sprung out of the drain, paused for a second, then sprinted all the way home.. I am eternally grateful to Pawtrack for helping me find my little troublemaker. While the collar couldn’t find a signal through the cement when he was underground, it did log his last position. Had I not known which house he was last at, I would not have asked to search this neighbor’s backyard, and would not have heard his cries. Jamie is never allowed out of the house without his collar again!