20th January 2017 News

Happy New 2017


Happy New Year
Happy New Year to you all, whether shivering in Norway, basking in South Africa or just soaked to the skin here in the UK. Last year was a memorable year globally, and equally exciting for Pawtrack.

Back in October 2016 we launched our new, smaller, flexible 3g collar with improved tracking and wifi. We sold out within the first week (we are in stock for now). We also stock a 2g model, which offers excellent value for money.

Both collars use our unique design- a flexible collar with curved battery which acts just like a proper collar. And we still ensure that the gps is placed on the back of the neck with good view of the sky. If you not already done so, do look at our new video on www.pawtrack.com.

One of the perks of the job is hearing back from customers who can’t believe how far their cat travels at night. Certainly when we were testing over the Summer I found that my Monty appeared to splitting his loyalty with another house 3 miles away. I physically had to restrain my wife from storming into his new family. Luckily the colder weather has dampened his enthusiasm and made him appreciate us a bit more.

Developments for 2017

The new collar (both 3g and 2g) have an in built IR sensor. The website will be upgraded in the next few months to allow you to set this up. Once this feature is activated you will be alerted if the collar comes off your cat. There are two settings, one which just informs you via email and the second which in addition will activate the on board bleeper and put the collar into power saving mode: saving on battery and giving you every chance of finding the collar.

We are also hoping that Pawtrack will emerge from the dark ages and finally get an app. We have spent many years concentrating on the hardware. The fanciest app in the world will be no good if the data it displays is wrong. We aim to get the site mobile responsive in the next few months and then get an app to allow alerts to be sent direct to your phone so you can see when you cat leaves and returns home, and to warn you of low battery and geofence alerts.

We also hope want to integrate with Social Media so you will be able to allow your cat to announce to the world where they have been and let your friends see.

2g or not 2g: That is the question.

We sell both a 2g and 3g collar. Our 2g collar is cheaper (US$199/ £150/ €199) and works is exactly the same as the 3g,with the same GPS, Wifi and identical size and weight.

In the USA the 2g collar will work on the T Mobile network, and in the EU, UK, RSA and New Zealand there are no current plans to turn off the 2g data network for a good few years. In terms of performance you will not notice any difference.

Personally I use a 2g collar here in the UK. The choice is up to you, but the 2g collar does offer excellent value for money.