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Some key aspects to consider when choosing a GPS Cat tracking collar.

We have been helping Cat owners around the world keep their pets safe and well for ten years. We think the following aspects are worth knowing when your looking for the best collar for your Cat.

Pawtrack collar is a carefully UK designed and engineered IOT device wrapped up in a beautiful enclosure enabling it to safely be worn by even small cats.

This enables real time tracking by using GPS satellite telemetry to map the collar in Realtime.

The collar can receive GPS data from Glonass, Galileo and GPS satellites and can transmit this data over a local mobile phone network.

The collar can do this because we solved the technical challenge of offering one product which can work in 172 countries globally.

We set up Pawtrack 10 years ago because of this ongoing challenge to Cat owners. We have helped literally thousands of customers, and they have stories of how their Cats have been found due to investing in a Pawtrack collar.  For the collar to be effective and locate your Cat, however the Cat does need to be wearing the collar and the battery will need to be operating.

Cat tracking is via the internet on any browser. In addition, there is an app available from Apple Store and Google Play.

A geofence, or Virtual Fence allows you to set a territory for your Cat using the app. When your Cat wanders outside the “fence” then you are notified.

Yes Pawtrack allows you to track and show on the map where you cat has been in the past. You are allowed to go back to any point that you have been using the collar

The Pawtrack collar is currently active and supported in the following 172 countries. See here.

If its not listed email  to and we will see if we can sort something out for you.

The Pawtrack cat tracking collar weighs approximately 35g. It is an all-in-one flexible GPS cat collar, and your cat does not need to wear a normal cat collar. It has a hoop to connect id tags and automated cat flaps.

The collar comes with two custom made rechargeable batteries which can be charged with the USB lead which is also in the box. We also have an endurance off the shelf version of the battery. email us for more info.

When your Cat is in the home, it can link up to WiFi which enables it to upload its activities and also put the collar in a low power mode to extend battery life. Wifi can also be used to Geofence “home” location.

We have 3 sizes of collar to cope with small to large cats. Our collar size brackets are 18cm to 22cm, 23cm to 26cm, and 27cm to 30cm. Once you have chosen your collar size, it can be adjusted within this range.

If the collar fits, it will work! It is ideal for smaller dogs such as dachshunds. Kittens may be too small, but the GPS tracking collar only weighs 35g so as soon as it fits, it will be ok for a kitten.

The Pawtrack GPS collar is splash proof and we believe that it will be fine for your cat’s day-to-day activities come rain or shine.

The collar should not be used with solvent based flea treatments. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after applying the treatment before you put the collar back on. Always read the manufacturers advice on the treatment before applying

The Pawtrack cat GPS collar takes about 2 hours to be fully recharged, and once charged will last up to 2 days once the WIFI modules and Intelligent Power Control settings are switched on. The battery is detachable and we provide 2 batteries in your package.

We provide 2 batteries with each collar. This allows you to have one on charge which takes approximately 2 hours with a modern phone charger. The battery is removed by placing a coin in the notch between both hard plastic enclosure halves. Popping open the enclosure and swapping out batteries as you would any device. Make sure to take note of the polarity.  Additional batteries can be purchased as backups here ( link )

The cat tracking collar will work in 171 countries, including USA/ Canada, the EU, UK as well as New Zealand. In addition, the cat GPS collar will also upload via home WIFI

No, we provide everything needed for the GPS cat tracking and locator system.

GPS technology is only possible when your collar is outside. We say it needs to “see sky” in order for the satellite telemetry to work. This is true of all GPS trackers. For the same reason if a Cat wanders under a Car, this will prevent the collar from seeing sky and until the cat re-appears the GPS will place its last known location.

The Pawtrack collar will only function with a live subscription. The only way we can offer tracking globally was to develop a sophisticated virtual sim that works in 172 countries. So the subscription allows this to be maintained.

The App has been launched this year after 3 years in development. It can now be downloaded for Android or Apple. ( link here )

We created this video to show you step by step the setting up of the Collar in tandem with the App.

Absolutely, we created the Pawtrack app to allow you to track all your Cats with a Pawtrack Collar. See this video to show you how. ( link )

The latest App is going to work on any modern smartphone, no problems.

We have spent 10 years developing this collar and considered many different solutions to this issue. First and foremost we want your kitty to be safe and well. Sometimes a Cat could get snagged and this is why the Collar is fitted with a safety release after a strain of 2kg is reached. The collar will snap open.

The energy coming from Satellites is radiating down on Earth and everyone is exposed to this without any known effects.  The GPS does not exceed European and US “SAR” regulations. Data sent from the collar is equivalent to mobile phone radiation. However this occurs in very short bursts of time, further reducing any exposure to this. Roughly speaking this is equivalent to your mobile phone when sending a text.

The collar is not intended as an anti theft device. However because of the Virtual fence, you would be notified if the collar leaves the designated area. Obviously the primary reason for the collar is to help find your Cat if it wanders off. However a thief can remove the collar.

If you have further questions see our contact us page.

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