Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about GPS cat tracking collars.

The Pawtrack cat tracking collar weights approximately 35g. It is an all-in-one flexible GPS cat collar, and your cat does not need to wear a normal cat collar. It has a hoop to connect id tags and automated cat flaps. 

We offer monthly and annual packages which can be canceled at any time after the 12 months minimum term. Please see the purchase page for further information on the costs and delivery prices.  

You have 14 days to return the collar for your subscription to be cancelled. If your cat tracking collar fails within the 12 months, we will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Drop a line to and we will see if we can sort something out for you.

The cat GPS collar is recharged using its own charging station which will draw power from any USB socket (from a pc or for example Kindle/ iPhone mains adaptors). 

We have 3 sizes of collar to cope with small to large cats. Our collar size brackets are 18cm to 22cm, 23cm to 26cm, and 27cm to 30cm. Once you have chosen your collar size, it can be adjusted within this range. 

The collar is designed to release when it undergoes a force of 1.5Kg. We believe that most cats suitable for the collar will be able to exert this level of force should they get into difficulty.

No, the collar should not be used with flea treatments. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after applying the treatment before you put the collar back on. Always read the manufacturers advice on the treatment before applying.

Cat tracking is via the internet on any browser. In addition there is an app available from Apple Store and Google Play.

The cat tracking collar will work in 171 countries, including USA/ Canada, the EU, UK as well as New Zealand. In addition, the cat GPS collar will also upload via home Wifi.

No we provide everything needed for the GPS cat tracking and locator system.

The Pawtrack cat GPS collar takes about 2 hours to be fully recharged, and once charged will last up to 2 days once the Wifi modules and Intelligent Power Control settings are switched on. The battery is detachable and we provide 2 batteries in your package.

If the collar fits, it will work! It is ideal for smaller dogs such as dachshunds. Kittens may be too small, but the GPS tracking collar only weighs 35g so as soon as it fits, it will be ok for a kitten.

You can set a different billing address to a delivery address on checlout. To change a delivery address please drop a line to

Yes, the app is available from Apple Store and Google Play

You can find the app by typing ‘Pawtrack app’ in either store

The Pawtrack GPS collar is splash proof and we believe that it will be fine for your cat’s day-to-day activities come rain or shine.

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