Click the icon above or search ‘Pawtrack App’ in the App Store

Click the icon above or search ‘Pawtrack’ in the Play Store

Please make sure you are using the ‘Pawtrack 2018’ App, not ‘Pawtrack App’


Charge a Battery

1. Take a battery and the USB charger out of the box and slide them together

2. Plug the USB charger into a wall plug or computer USB port and the paw print will glow green to indicate the collar is charging

3. When the paw print is no longer green, your battery is charged

4. Remove the battery from the USB charger and then slide the charged battery and collar together


Sign up

1. Open the App and select ‘Sign Up’

2. Enter your Name, Email and create a password

3. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to sign up

4. Follow the link in the confirmation email

5. You can now login.


Setting your Home Location

1. Tap ‘Finish setting up your account’

2. Fill in your address details

3. Tap ‘Show Map’ and drag the Icon directly above your house, the map can be pinched or pulled to zoom in or out

4. Add a phone number at the bottom and then tap ‘Update’


Adding your First Cat

1. Tap the Camera icon at the top of the page and either select an existing picture from your gallery or take a new photo of your cat

2. Fill in your cat’s name, date of birth and breed sections

3. Tap ‘Add new Cat’


Link your Pawtrack

1. Tap ‘Set up Collar’

2. Type in the number on the bottom of your Pawtrack box and tap ‘Sync Collar with App’

3. Tap ‘Ok’ on the pop-up box


Setting the Collar Size

1. In the box there will be two different length clips, choose the one that will be best suited for your cat

2. Slide the clip over the soft rubber end of the collar and make sure you go over at least the first ridge

3. Adjust the collar size by changing how many ridges you slide the clip over


Connecting your Collar to WiFi

1. Tap the Menu button, the three lines in the top left hand corner

2. Select ‘Settings’

3. Scroll down to ‘GPS & WiFi Settings’

4. Enter your WiFi SSID and Password then press ‘Submit’

5. When your collar flashes in blue, instead of red it is on the wifi network. It will shut down until the collar leaves the wifi area.




Your WiFi details can usually be found on the back of your router

Get Tracking!