How Pawtrack Works


The Pawtrack collar takes regular GPS positions which are then uploaded via the cellular network to our server. In addition it tracks on demand.

This location is recorded and displayed on the Pawtrack phone app, or can be viewed on computer by logging in to your account on the Pawtrack website.

Pawtrack App


The Pawtrack app displays your cats location in a clear and straightforward way, with three ways to view your collars tracking history: PLAYBACK, HEATMAP and PATH. You can manage your collar settings, geo-fence boundarys and notifications all via the Pawtrack app.


Your cats daily “adventures” can be shared with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter via the app. Want a permanent record of activity? Just select a time period and download the data as a CSV file to your email address.


Set geo-fence boundaries to alert you when your cat crosses out of your preset boundary and use the tracking beacon to pinpoint where your cat is hiding.

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Pawtrack is a complete GPS cat collar that is placed around the cat’s neck. It’s flexible, adjustable design ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your cat. Because cats come in all shapes and sizes we offer a small, medium and large collar, each can be adjusted to get the size just right. It also includes a safety buckle to make sure that it unfastens if your cat were to get into difficulty.

The slim lightweight design of the collar means it only weighs 35g allowing your cat to continue roaming without the collar interfering. Two detachable batteries are supplied with the collar so you can charge and track at the same time.

Pawtrack’s unique design keeps the GPS antenna at the back of the neck unlike other trackers that are placed under the neck of the cat. Having the GPS antenna facing the sky, instead of the ground, makes sure that the collar can get the best position possible. Because of this we believe we have developed the most accurate cat tracker available.

The collar also includes a Wi-Fi antenna that can detect your home Wi-Fi when your cat comes in from their travels. Once connected to your home Wi-Fi the collar shuts down preserving battery waking up every so often to ensure it is still connected to the Wi-Fi. Upon leaving the house your collar will wake up and begin tracking again.



The Pawtrack collar takes a new GPS position every 6 minutes whilst your cat is out and about. This information is then stored on the collar and uploaded automatically at regular intervals where it can be viewed either on an app or online through your account. Need a position now? No problem, clicking update will give you the current location of the collar.

Multiple cats can be tracked on a single account with the GPS positions displayed on Google Maps and even in Street View. Setting alerts lets you know whether your cat has come home, the battery is running low or that they have left the geo-fence boundary you have set.

Pawtrack is the first to offer three different ways to view your tracking history. Playback replays the time stamped positions of where your cat has been over any given period. Path creates a lined route of your cat’s adventure and Heatmap reveals all your feline’s favourite places. Area’s in red show where they are regularly visiting.

Close to where your cat is but just can’t see them? Perhaps it’s dark and they’ve decided hide and seek would be a great idea. Activate the Beacon mode via the app. This makes the collar emit a signal that is then picked up by the app on your phone with a percentage reading so you know if you’re getting closer or further away.



The Pawtrack collar works in most countries and can cross borders seamlessly so if you want to take your fuzzy feline friend around the globe with you, we’ll have you covered.

Everything you need to track is provided, all you need to do is charge the battery, download the app and fit the collar to your cat. To Download the app please use the App and Play Store links at the bottom of the page.

The collar uploads its data to the server over the cellular network. To see what networks are compatible in your country please have a look at the country list PDF below.

Your mobile device can be with any network provider and still communicate with the collar.

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What are people saying about PawTrack?

It’s not just finding your cat when it’s lost- it’s about seeing where they go, and what they do without having to worry about constantly clicking buttons.

P. Piper, Cat Owner - Devon, UK

It’s not just finding your cat when it’s lost- it’s about seeing where they go, and what they do without having to worry about constantly clicking buttons.

P. Piper, Cat Owner - Devon, UK