15th March 2018 News

Make that Connection with your Cat


In the new Pawtrack collar we have been really trying to improve connectivity. We have found that out of the comments and feedback we receive, two thirds are about connectivity and the others mostly about positions. Or lack of.

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t contact the collar, particularly when you just need to know where your cat is.

Last year’s collar used a 3g modem. These are quite bulky, and more importantly are heavy users of battery. Even with our power saving in wifi mode we were finding collars running out of power in about 2 days. We have tried other companies’ products and found that battery lives can be even slower.


We are using some new technology on our new collar which should ensure that battery keeps going for at least 4 days, and we would expect this to be more as the wifi power saving mode kicks in.

So far we have found connections to be very quick. We also have sim cards which will roam across many networks, constantly seeking out the strongest source. We are also using technology which will work well in low signal environments- ideal for when your cat decides to have a nap under a car.

We’ll keep you updates as we launch, and also as we get feedback from our users.