09th February 2018 News

The New Collar for 2018

The New Collar, 2018

Pawtrack has been going for 10 years now. During this time we have seen 2g, 3g, Glonass, wifi integration, accelerometers and a whole host of other technologies come and go. The one constant throughout this period has been 3 basic needs: to have a collar that tracks as well as is technically possible, to be able to have reliable connections when the collar is out and about, and to have as long a battery life as possible. Anyone who has tried to track their pet will know that this is absolutely key. This is even more so for cats, who can decide on a whim to go trekking for days.

We are now on our 5th collar. I can’t quite believe that myself, but we are. We first designing a product in 2007, and since then we have tried to improve and make better every aspect of the tracking process.

So, we will be bringing out a new collar. And rather like all good groups going on MTV Unplugged (am I showing my age?) we have decided to strip our collar right back to the basics, and focus on the 3 things that matter: tracking, connectivity and battery life.

You may have noticed looking at our website that we go on endlessly about the GPS being on the back of the neck. This endless lecture is there for good reason. If you have a GPS antenna not facing the sky, and stuck under a cat’s neck, you will not see the satellites. No satellites, no locations. So, as always, we are producing a fully integrated collar with the GPS on the back of the neck. The knock on effect is that we also have to have different size collars, as we all know cats come in all shapes and sizes.

The new GPS will be using the Galileo system of satellites, as well as GPS and Glonass.

We have also found that a 3g modem uses up battery life rapidly, possibly too rapidly for our liking. To counter this we are moving towards a method of communication which is part of the new generation of ultra low power communication. Together with our power management tools, such as shutting down when in wifi, we hope to significantly increase the life of our batteries. We will let you know as we get to know the new product.

Finally we are using a system of communication which uses less signal strength, and is able to roam across multiple networks. In the UK we will work with every phone operator, and we are able to take this portability globally.

So we will be publishing weekly updates on the new collar, amongst other news. So do keep coming back!