09th March 2018 News

The Pawtrack Video shoot – never work with children or animals. Or stroppy cats.

Just finished our video shoot with our good friends at Pangea TV. Monty is now a veteran of 3 shoots and knows exactly what to do: have a collar put on him, relax, look sweet, try not to attack rabbits. Sky on the other hand is a female Burmese and a bit of a diva. Half the morning is spent with her refusing to come out from under the sofa (strange men, strange cameras, more attention on moi please).


Monty is like an old school Hollywood veteran. Gracious to the cameraman, happy to do endless retakes, pausing for autographs for his adoring fans. Sky did eventually warm up, and finally on the green screen decided that there was fun to be had by ripping up the green sheet itself.

We have learnt from hard experience that the final shot of the day has to be the exterior shots when we show the cats getting up to their normal day to day lives outside, The first time we carried out the exterior shot (back in 2014) Monty decided that he was done for the day after the first take and disappeared over the horizon. We on the other hand weren’t, and still needed half the story board to be shot. Luckily 3 hours later he did return. This time round we have two cameras focused on both cats. For once the weather is sunny, the snow has just about gone, and we get some great photos.

The new collar is looking great, barely any bigger than a normal cat collar. It is also light- coming in at 36g/ 1oz for the entire collar. Sky is about 3KG (6.6lb) and has a neck size of 18cm and it was looking small and compact on her.

All in all a very successful day. Thanks again Pangea TV!