So you’ve bought a Pawtrack collar, great! Let’s get you set up. Follow the steps below to begin tracking.

Charge a Battery

1. Take a battery and the USB charger out of the box and insert the USB into battery.

2. Plug the USB charger into a wall plug or PC. There will be a red light on the battery.

3. When the red light turns green the battery is fully charged.

4. Remove the battery from the USB charger and then insert the battery into the collar. Please see the set up video hereĀ 


Download the App

Track your furry friend on your phone or tablet using the Pawtrack app

Click the icon above or search ‘Pawtrack’ in the App Store

Click the icon above or search ‘Pawtrack’ in the Play Store


Set up an Account

1. Open the App and select ‘Sign Up’

2. Enter your name, email and create a password

3. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to sign up

4. Follow the link in the confirmation email

5. You can now login


Setting your Home Location

1. Tap ‘Finish setting up your account’. You will be taken to the next page, click on “Open Map”

2. The app should recognise your current location, and show this on the map.

3. You can scroll the map behind the icon, and zoom in and out to place your home icon in the right position.

4. When you have found the right location, click close map and submit at the bottom of the screen.


Adding your First Cat

1. Tap the camera icon at the top of the page and either select an existing picture from your gallery or take a new photo of your cat

2. Fill in your cat’s name, date of birth and breed sections

3. Tap ‘Add new cat’


Link your Pawtrack

1. Tap ‘Set up Collar’

2. The ‘Collar ID’ is the bar-code number on the bottom of your Pawtrack box. Enter this and tap ‘Sync Collar with App’

3. Tap ‘Ok’ on the pop-up box


Setting the Collar Size

1. In the box there are two different length clips, choose the one that will be best suited for your cat

2. Slide the clip over the soft rubber end of the collar and make sure you go over at least the first ridge

3. Adjust the collar size by changing how many ridges you slide the clip over


Get a GPS Position

1. Place your collar outside (or by a window or on car dashboard) with the Pawtrack icon on the collar facing upwards and a charged battery in the collar

2. On the activity section of the app, press the small circular arrow in the bottom left corner and select your collar

3. Keep doing this every few minutes until the collar gets it’s first GPS position, it may take a few attempts to get a position



Connecting your Collar to WiFi

When the collar enters the WiFi zone, you will receive a notification that the cat has come home and to extend battery life, the collar will shut down certain features.

Please note: When in wifi mode the collar will be shut down and be uncontactable. Please contact if this becomes an issue. If your cat does not travel far from home, the collar could be in wifi mode and will make contacting the collar difficult. There is a reset button within the wifi settings, but please contact us if you are unable to contact the collar after setting wifi.

1. Place the collar outside and ensure it is connected to the GSM network (i.e. flashing red once every 10 seconds)

2. Tap the ‘Menu’ button (the three lines in the top left hand corner) and select ‘Settings’

3. Scroll down to ‘GPS & WiFi Settings’

4. Enter your WiFi SSID and Password then press ‘Submit’

5. When the your collar is brought within range of the wifi, it will stop flashing red, and will flash blue every 5 minutes. It will remain shut down until the collar leaves the WiFi area

Your WiFi details can usually be found on the back of your router.

The collar will only check for WiFi connection every 10 minutes, so if your cat comes in or goes out of WiFi, it may take up to 10 minutes to update.


Understand the Flashing Lights

Different colours and time intervals indicate that the collar is in different modes.

  • Blue, once every 5 minutes: the collar is in the WiFi mode.
  • Red, once a second: the collar is not yet on the network. It should connect to the network within a few minutes.
  • Red, twice a second: the collar is looking for a new GPS position.
  • Red, once every 10 seconds: your collar is on the cellular network. This is working as it should.
  • Multicolored lights: the battery is running low.
Get Tracking!

If you have any issues setting up your collar please contact us