22nd February 2019 News

Spring is nearly here… just about!



This is SC, a rescue cat belonging to Reagan, a faithful Pawtrack user who is a nurse at a vet’s clinic (SC was a rescue cat and she fell in love with him).

Notice how warm and content he looks. And sleepy, just looking at him make me want to go and have a lie-down.




To be slightly more exact, this is where he is:

As you can see, he is safely at home, after his Pawtrack collar picked up home wifi and alerted Reagan. Now this is where he was 45 minutes before:


Yes, this is not warm and snug, this is cold and frankly horrible.

But the point of this post is to declare that we are nearly through the worst. Over here in the UK daffodils are appearing, the days are getting just a little bit more longer and the nights.

Which means that our cats will still be wandering all hours of the day and night.

We have some exciting developments we are working on for this year, not least being able to finally offer the newest collar to Australia. We are also looking at a host of new features to make our cats safer for longer. We will let you know more as we get nearer the time, but we have been thinking long and hard about what we can do and we have some cracking ideas!

So SC, hang on in there! Soon you will no longer have to look like something out of a Santa movie, and soon you will be roaming free, in the warmth and light!