It's been 10 years!

Discover our journey.

Pawtrack was established in 2012.

Did you know, Pawtrack started as a Kickstarter success ?

The global crowdfunding site was very helpful for Pawtrack in the early years. We reached a large audience who had the same problem. Pets have a life of their own and sometimes you want to know where they are.

cat wearing the latest collar
put an end to lost cats

Putting an end to lost Cats in 172 countries

Your Cat is a member of the family. We know the heart break of loosing your much loved pet. We started Pawtrack to put an end to lost cats.

Originally Pawtrack was inspired by Monty, a Burmese, who went missing for 10 days but eventually did return back. No one should have to go through that.

Over the years the technology has changed a lot!

We know you want the best for your Cat. We started nearly a decade ago and have never stopped improving. The first collar was a little on the large side.

As components have got smaller, we have always moved with the times.

early collar
Concept work by Flynn product design

Cutting edge product development has been key to our success.

Over the years we have evolved and developed a number of iterations of the Pawtrack collar.

We have always tried to reduce the size of the collar, and to make it as comfortable as possible.

Pioneering design.

There are always trade-off's in design and development.

When making GPS collars. You balance the requirement for the antenna to speak to satalites , with weight reduction in contrast with battery life. Pawtrack pioneered encapsulation in the production process making fully flexible PCBs encapsulated within the strap body. We developed a custom manufacture process in house and with the support of product designers Flynn Product Design .

collar early
second gen design

in 2018, We Pioneered the use of curved LiPo batteries in GPS trackers.

The most compact energy density solution.

We are the first and only Cat tracking company to design curved LiPo batteries within their collar. This is the best solution in pure energy density terms.

In 2022
We Pioneered the flexible GPS antenna in Cat trackers.

We are the first GPS tracking company to introduce a flexible GPS antenna.

We have always placed our GPS antenna on top of the Cats neck. This tradition remains with our latest collar, although you can not see with the naked eye, the antenna is neatly assembled within the strap itself. This leaves the battery to always remain at the bottom and keep the GPS pointing up at the sky. This makes the Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar far superior.

pawtrack collar in white

Pawtrack Values

Caring for Cats.

We were formed in response to our beloved Burmese Monty going missing. At the heart of all we do is to look after our cats, and try to find out as much as we can about them,

Track in any Country

The collar can work on 2g and LTEM networks across the world, and our unique technology means that our unit will always lock onto the strongest network.

Quality Design

We have spent 12 years constantly reworking our collar to give you the best design and your cat the best experience.

Always moving forwards.

With our ability to update firmware on the collar, we will always look to give you and your cat the best service.

Cat GPS Collar from Pawtrack, for the best GPS cat Tracking

Happy customers in 171 countries.


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